In honor of William Witherup, 1935-2009

"Particle and wave shimmered over the river stone"

William Witherup


POTW is now available as an e-book in EPUB and PDF versions.

Overview of POTW

POTW was first exhibited in January 2010 and has expanded with addition of new material in keeping with our goal of engaging the public by creating a multi-disciplinary exhibit that explores elements of the nuclear age and in particular the world wide implications of the Hanford WA nuclear site. The exhibit strives to display and unite core pieces in four disciplines: visual, literary, science, and history/memorabilia to explore the nuclear age.

POTW addresses both the human and environmental legacy of nuclear technology as well as the toll and consequences of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and related bomb production and testing.

POTW explores the world wide implications and impact of Hanford from uranium mining to bomb detonations, to the human and environmental consequences from plutonium production, the use of nuclear materials, and radioactive waste and storage issues.

POTW is designed with a perspective that explores the troubling impacts of nuclear technology on the earth and humanity by integrating the four components and telling the stories of the people and environment.
POTW is an evolving exhibit that typically solicits new material from local artist or scientist that explore new aspects or a different perspective on the nuclear age.


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Particles on the Wall is in between exhibits. Please check back for more details on upcoming exhibits. 


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Nancy Dickeman: poetry, history, memorabilia

 Steven Gilbert: science and history

Dianne Dickeman: visual arts, history, memorabilia


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