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Are you concerned about the effects of toxic chemicals on human health and the environment? If so, please share your knowledge and help educate people who share your concerns and are working to create a more healthy world.  

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  1. Hello People,
    I think you need to revisit the article about sodium fluoroacetate in the pesticide section. There are several serious mistakes. for instance, 1080 does not occur naturally, the naturally occurring fluoroacetate in the plants mentioned is potassium fluoroacetate.
    1080 is not a "mammalian toxin" it is a universal toxin that interferes in the Krebb cycle all aerobic species use the Krebb cycle, 1080 is toxic to all aerobic species. etc. etc.
    PS. NZ's landcare research, AHB, and DOC are not reliable as references, They also state these errors and have a vested interest in the continued use of 1080. 

    this is probably a more reliable reference.