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Fanny Fligelman Brin

Women In Peace

Women Promoting Peace

This data base chronicles women who have promoted peace and events that occurred by date throughout history. Created by James W. Gould, Professor Emeritus of International Relations at Scripps College Claremont, CA. In this compendium, we celebrate the lives and efforts of more than a thousand women peacemakers, with their most cogent arguments for peace, and a daily celebration of their achievements. It is a work in progress - join us - send suggestions or questions or comments to Steven Gilbert.

Caution:  This website is still considered in a preliminary draft state.  We are actively making additions and corrections.

Women Peacemakers Poster

This poster presents a sampling of over 1,000 women peacemakers across history from eleven geographic areas (South Asia, East Asia, Middle East, Africa, South and Central America, Eastern Europe, Southern Europe, Great Britain and Ireland, Northern Europe, North America, Oceania).  It includes an example of their contribution to peace and nonviolence. An interactive - clickable version of the poster is available or high resolution of poster (2.6 mb PDF).

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