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WAND Center

WAND Center WAshington Nuclear Discovery Center

BRIEF: Washington Nuclear Discovery Center (WAND) at the Nuclear Reactor Building (now called More Hall Annex), University of Washington campus

Purpose of this brief: to summarize the full proposal, stimulate discussion, gather input, and create excitement about creating a Washington Nuclear Discovery Center at the Nuclear Reactor Building on the University of Washington campus.

Needs in the community that will be met by this proposal: Currently there are few or no significant sources of scientific, historical or cultural information about the nuclear industry in this state.

Currently there is no significant source of educational resources about the nuclear industry in this state.

Vision: The Washington Nuclear Discovery Center will be a public, programmed space devoted to exhibits, education programs, and events relating to Washington's nuclear heritage. We envision the Washington Nuclear Discovery Center as a public space actively programmed with exhibits, education programs, and events that bring both the science of nuclear physics and Washington's nuclear heritage to life.


  • Provide a forum where the story of nuclear energy can be told from all sides, in a neutral factual way, without being embedded in politics.
  • To raise awareness about the contemporary facets of the nuclear industry (research, medicine, as an alternative to oil as energy source)
  • To preserve the Nuclear Reactor Building as a unique example of post-war Northwest architecture and to convert the building into an educational resource in line with the University of Washington.
  • To inspire young people to learn about nuclear energy and participate in the industry.

Timeline & progress to date: Our web site is from funding from the Washington Physicians for Social Responsibility (WPSR)and a traveling exhibit, "Particles on the Wall," ( that combines art and science to explore nuclear issues of the past and present. WPSR has also funded a collections survey that is now underway. We are meeting with potential partners and supporters on the UW campus, at Hanford, and at other institutions. Their input has been invaluable in shaping our vision for the Washington Nuclear Discovery Center at More Hall Annex.

Call to action & how your group can help: We ask for your study of our proposal, your input and potential grant funding. Please tell us your ideas and join us in this exciting venture as the Washington Nuclear Discovery Center seeks funding to support strategic and financial planning for the project.
Financial projections: We are developing cost projections to renovate More Hall Annex and development permanent exhibits, as well as ongoing staffing and program needs. Income projections will be based on donations, memberships, rentals, and retail sales.


  • The state of Washington has played a unique and ongoing role in the nation's nuclear history, yet the full story of Washington's involvement in nuclear research, weaponry, and power over the last sixty years has not been brought together in a context that includes the science, history, and culture surrounding nuclear issues.
  • Also the citizens of Western Washington have had little access to many stories that are tied to other parts of the state. A unique opportunity exists to create a Washington Nuclear Discovery Center at More Hall Annex on the University of Washington campus.
  • More Hall Annex is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.
  • It is the historic site of the University of Washington's research reactor, and has recently been designated a historic landmark.
  • The WAND Center will interpret the science, history, and cultural context of nuclear technology in Washington State through permanent and rotating exhibits; educational programs for UW students, K-12 school groups, and adult visitors; and public events such as readings and performances.

Working with other groups: We are working to collaborate with a wide range of partners to develop and operate the Washington Nuclear Education Center. We are exploring partnerships with the University's Engineering and History Departments, the UW Medical Center, the Evans School of Public Affairs, the Museum Studies Program, the Museology Graduate Program, UW Medicine, UW Engineering, UW School of Public Health, as well as museums such as MOHAI and CREHST. We expect to provide internships, research opportunities and other educational opportunities to UW students.

Contact information: Steven G. Gilbert, PhD, DABT
INND (Institute of Neurotoxicology & Neurological Disorders)
3711 47th Place NW
Seattle, WA 98105
Ph: 206.527.0926
web: - Connecting Science and People
web: - Washington Nuclear Museum and Educational Center


More Information

WAND Center two page brief (pdf 6.5 mgb)
WAND Center Proposal (pdf 11.5 mgb)
More Hall Annex University of Washington

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