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Scrap metal to Beverly, MA

From 1942 to 1948, the Metal Hydrides Corporation conducted operations to recover uranium from scrap and turnings resulting from fuel fabrication at Hanford, Washington. Uranium-238 was identified as the primary contamination of concern for those activities. Other onsite operations involved conversation of uranium oxide to uranium power and later to uranium metal.

Between 1948 and 1950, after AEC surveyed and decommissioned the site, two of the original foundry facility buildings were demolished, and two new buildings were erected in their place.

In 1977, after the Thiokol Corporation (renamed Morton International in 1990) bought the property, the DOE conducted a radiological survey at the site. They determined that a comprehensive radiological survey of the entire site was needed. In 1986, the site was designated for remedial action. Initial action began in 1995 and due to stability and safety concerns, Morton International demolished 10 buildings. Another building was demolished to reach underlying contaminated soil. Only two buildings were left standing at the site. Approximately 9,500 cubic yards of radioactively contaminated soil, was removed and shipped to Clive, Utah, for disposal.


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