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Processed Uranium from Springdale, PA

The Manhattan Project contracted this private company in the 1940s to perform uranium fabrication services. Machined extruded uranium at this site went to the Hanford Pile as well as the University of Chicago and DuPont.

During the mid-1940s the Manhattan Project hired C.H. Schnorr & Company to machine uranium metal rods for the Hanford Reactor. The facility at that time was no more than a concrete block building and a loading dock. It is believed that uranium spills may have occurred there.

In 1980 the area where uranium had been machine was found to have elevated levels of radiation. The DOC surveyed the area in 1989 and 1990 and confirmed the presence of uranium
contamination underneath the building floor in the northern half of the building and on concrete that had been placed next to a newly constructed loading dock.. In 1992 the site was included in Formerly Utilized Sites Remedial Action Program (FUSRAP).

In 1994 decontamination of the building was concluded with removal of concrete, and excavation and removal of soil and debris. A volume of 97 cubic yards of concrete was removed, of which 56 cubic yards was transported to a licensed disposal facility in Clive, Utah. The remaining 41 cubic yards of material was determined to be below cleanup guidelines and was crushed, and used on site as fill material. Another 626 cubic yards of soil and debris were dug up from beneath the building floor and shipped to Clive Utah. After that another 915 square feet of surface area in the loading dock room and on two cement block columns were decontaminated.


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