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Processed Uranium from Oxford, OH

From October 1952 to February 1957, Alba Craft Laboratory, Inc. was a primary contractor to the Atomic Energy Commission and performed hollow drilling and turning of uranium metal to be used in the Savannah River and Hanford, Washington, nuclear reactors. It is estimated that several hundred tons of uranium was machined at the Oxford Site.

In January 1957, after the AEC machining and related activities ended, Alba Craft Laboratory personnel decontaminated the building and equipment in accordance with specifications of the time. Much of the radioactive material was swept or washed out the rear door of the building. Later, soil was removed from the area outside the door and sent to the DOE Feed Materials Production Center in Fernald, Ohio, for disposal.

The DOE, conducted a radiological survey of the site in July and September 1992. Survey results identified residual uranium contamination at levels exceeding current guidelines both inside and outside the Alba Craft Laboratory building. As a result, the site was designated in March 1993 for remediation. This contamination and the building's poor structural condition led to a decision to demolish and remove the structure from the site.

The DOE discovered that the former owner of the building had lived near the site at and that machining operations were conducted inside the garage of the residence. In April 1994, a radiological investigation of the property indentified that residual uranium turnings, filings, and small particles that had been transported from the laboratory to the residence. These residual radioactive materials exceeded the current DOE guidelines. Further investigations identified other properties that were contaminated at levels above DOE cleanup guidelines. After demolition of the Alba Craft Laboratory building and remediation of the vicinity properties, approximately 2,800 cubic yards of soil and building debris contaminated with low-level radioactivity were packaged and shipped to Clive, Utah.


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