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Museum of Ionizing Radiation

Museum of Ionizing Radiation


Mission Statement

see Mission Statement Iteration #3 (5/19/14) 


Downwinder / Downriver Stories

  • Submit your stories -  see the format
  • Hanford
  • Marshal Islands
  • Nagaski
  • Nevada

Historical Photos

  • Towns and Landscapes
  • People
  • Nuclear Sites
  • Maps


atomic archives - 

UCB Libraries | Archives | Collections: Atomic West –
Collections: Atomic West (Anti-Nuclear Movement)  







Name - Help us - Suggestions

  • "Museum of Ionizing Radiation",
  • "Global Radiation Exposure Museum at Hanford"      
  • "Museum of Radiation Exposure".
  • "The Human Toll:  Global Nuclear Museum at Hanford"
  • Other Ideas
  • Gonzaga would lend some photos or oral histories from the HHIA collection- with childhood pix and health info
  • Put out a call for photos and stories to make this more of a human interest website.
  • For example (from DOE online archives), and a childhood photo from RL.

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