The Washington Nuclear Museum and Educational Center is a virtual museum and clearinghouse to provide a comprehensive source for information on Washington State's involvement in nuclear weapons research, weapons production, and proliferation. From the construction of the Hanford plant for the Manhattan Project in the 1940s to the currently functioning Bangor naval base, Washington State has played an integral part in the nuclear history of the United States and the World, the effects of which have been felt locally and globally.

The goal of this project is to not only provide a go to resource on the web but also offer a glimpse into the undocumented history of Washington's nuclear past and its potential future. By augmenting the facts with personal testimonials, nuclear inspired artwork, essays, and other mediums, we strive to bring the feelings and emotions that accompany these subjects to the forefront, providing users with a greater understanding of not only the nuclear history of Washington State but also the ripples it has left in its wake.

This project is funded through Washington Physicians for Social Responsibility. WPSR engages the community to create a healthy, peaceful, and sustainable world by positing healthy solutions to the gravest threats to human health and survival. WPSR works to abolish nuclear weapons and reverse global warming, eliminate toxic chemicals from children's products, in hospitals and beyond, and advocates for the cleanup of the Hanford Nuclear Reservation and the protection of the Columbia River basin

For more information concerning the projects of our Hanford Task Force, be sure to check out our 2009-2010 Strategic Plan

For information on how to contribute to the site please contact the WANMEC project manager at njthorp@toxipedia.org

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