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Phosphamidon is an organophosphate insecticide that was marketed under the trade name of "Dimecron " until its producer voluntarily canceled production in 1990 (#PMEP). It was mostly used to combat mostly insects - aphids, stemborers, lygusbugs, leafhoppers, leaf miners, spruce budworm, beetles, thrips, codling moth, grasshoppers, mites, scale, bollworms, Mexican bean beetles, white flies, and others - on numerous plants including citrus and cotton crops, rice, and nuts (#PMEP and #INCHEM). It was mainly a systemic insecticide, but it also has slight contact insecticidal properties (#PMEP).


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Just the facts

Physical Information

Name: Phosphamidon

molecular Formula: C 10 H~ 19~ C1NO 5 P

Use: pesticide

Source: synthetic chemistry

Recommended daily intake: none

Absorption: dermal, inhalation, ingestion

Toxicity/symptoms: Cholinesterase Inhibitor

Regulatory facts: production was voluntarily canceled by the producer in 1990.

Chemical Structure


Chemical Description

Phosphamidon is a colorless to yellow oily liquid at room temperature that decomposes upon heating and produces toxic fumes (#ILO). It is miscible with water and soluble in aromatic hydrocarbons and insoluble in non-polar aliphatic hydrocarbons (#INCHEM).

Health Effects

Main article: Cholinesterase Inhibitor
It is a toxic organophosphate insecticide, it is acutely toxic but it's chronic toxicity is unknown. It is listed as a possible carcinogen by the EPA, but its developmental toxicity is unknown (#PAN).

Environmental Effects

Phosphamidon is moderately toxic to fish and highly toxic to birds and honeybees (#PMEP).



Production was voluntarily canceled by its manufacturer in 1990 (#PMEP).



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