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Otto Ambros

Otto Ambros was a chemist at the German company IG Farben and was a leading figure in developing Germany's Chemical Weapons arsenal. He was questioned in the Spring of 1945 after the German surrender and claimed to be a "plain chemist" during his interview though he was integral in development of all German nerve agent advances (#Tucker, 2006).

Throughout the war, Ambros had tested his nerve agents on concentration camp inmates and he had overseen IG Farben's rubber plant at Auschwitz where 30,000 inmates where overworked to death or "deemed unfit" and ordered to death (#Tucker, 2006).

After his arrest, Ambros was put on trial at Nuremburg to determine the extent of IG Farben's involvement in and support to the Nazi Party. Ambros was convicted of the use of forced labor at the Auschwitz plant and sentenced to eight years in prison, minus time served though he was acquitted of helping plan and execute chemical warfare plans (#Tucker, 2006).


Tucker, Johnathon B. War of Nerves: Chemical Warfare from World War I to Al-Qaeda. Pantheon Books, 2006.

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