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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Toxipedia?

Toxipedia is a project of the Institute of Neurotoxicology and Neurological Disorders (INND) that aims to become the comprehensive source of verifiable, edited content on all matters related to public and environmental health.

How do I become a member?

Go to the Contribute Page to register.

How do I become an author or editor?

Please see the Contribute to Toxipedia! page.

How can I contribute to Toxipedia?

Please see the Contribute to Toxipedia! page.

How do I edit a page?

A complete overview of editing capabilities is available at the User Guide.

How is Toxipedia funded?

How does the review system work?

The managing editor will be assisted by four associate editors overseeing the following content areas: chemicals, drugs, social and regulatory issues, and history. Each associate editor will recruit volunteer specific area specialists to review incoming content ensure the quality and accuracy. For example, the 'chemicals' associate editor may recruit an expert on the health effects of lead to help oversee the information uploaded onto the health effects of lead section. As a subject develops sufficient depth and maturity, it will receive more in depth review by the managing editor and then will be sent out for peer review, similar to a journal paper. After undergoing peer review and addressing any inaccuracies or other concerns noted by the reviewers this specific content area of toxipedia will be considered stabilized until the next peer review. This will form a core area of knowledge on a particular subject and will be fully referenced for a reader to verify the information sources. Protocols for adding content to a 'stabilized', peer reviewed content area are to be developed with the aid of the managing editor and the external Advisory Committee. Content areas of the site that have not undergone peer review or associate editor review will be noted as new, un-reviewed information or opinions.

Comprehensive and accurate information is an essential part of the learning and decision-making process. The following system is designed to provide guidance as to the reliability and accuracy of the information presented on toxipedia's.

TXP-0 - The information is the product of the author and has undergone no review. Authors are encouraged to provide reference or reference high level toxipedia material. Certain sections such as "Advocacy and Opinion" will always be at this level.

TXP-1 - The information was created or reviewed by toxipedia staff or editor. References are often a work in progress.

TXP-2 - The information was reviewed and accepted toxipedia review committee that included members of the toxipedia advisory board. Changes are only made following review. The section is well referenced to source material.

TXP-3 - The information is stable and has undergone outside peer review by recognized experts in the area. The section is fully referenced to source material.

Why should I contribute to Toxipedia?

Will my work be changed?

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