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Chemical Toxicity Databases

Below are some online resources that Toxipedia visitors may find useful when doing additional research on the toxicity of specific chemicals.

  • OHSU (Oregon Health & Science University) CROETweb: is an occupational safety and health resource directory sponsored by the Center for Research on Occupational and Environmental Toxicology (CROET) at Oregon Health & Science University in Portland, Oregon. contains links to hundreds of occupational safety and health resources focusing on day-to-day workplace issues.

  • OECD eChemPortal: gives access to data submitted to government chemical review programmes at national, regional, and international levels. Searches multiple databases simultaneously and links to government databases (see the list of participating databases).

  • Scorecard (sponsored by Green Media Toolshed): portal to databases on chemicals and pollution, with a focus on searchable maps of pollution releases in communities throughout the US. Provides profiles for over 10,000 chemicals; the profiles list chemicals' recognized and suspected health hazards.

  • US ATSDR (Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, part of the US Dept. of Health and Human Services): FAQs, Public Health Statements, and Toxicological Profiles on over 200 chemicals found in Superfund toxic waste sites.

  • US National Library of Medicine TOXNET: searches multiple US government toxicity databases, including the Hazardous Substances Data Bank, which provides toxicity, handling, environmental fate, and regulatory information on over 5000 chemicals. Also searches over 3 million citations of peer-reviewed literature. (See the TOXNET fact sheet to learn more about its databases.)

  • US State of New Jersey Right to Know Hazardous Substance Fact Sheets: four-page fact sheets for over 3000 chemicals, with a focus on chemicals with occupational and community exposures. Fact sheets cover health hazards, exposure limits, personal protective equipment, proper handling, first aid, and emergency procedures. Some fact sheets also available in Spanish.
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