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Browsing a Space


The 'Browse Space' view is your window to space-wide summary information as well as to a host of tools relating to the management of your space. You can browse a space from either the Dashboard or from within a space by clicking this icon located at the top of every page.
The components in this view are organised into 8 blue tabs:

Tab Options

The tabs that are displayed to you will depend on your Confluence site configuration, the type of space you are viewing and the space permissions granted to you for the space.

  1. Pages
  2. Labels
  3. Attachments
  4. Mail
    • View mail for this space
    • Fetch new mail
    • Delete mail
      More about Working with mail
  5. News
    • View news items for this space
      More about Working with news
  6. Activity
  7. Advanced
  8. Space Administration 

This tab is reserved for Site Administrators.

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