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Book Resources

This section contains important books related to toxicology.

Popular Books

  • POISONED FOR PROFIT - How Toxins Are Making Our Children Chronically Ill by Philip and Alice Shabecoff 2010. From autism to cancer - With indisputable data, the Shabecoffs reveal that the children of baby boomers—the first to be raised in a truly "toxified" world—have higher rates of birth defects, asthma, cancer, autism and a frightening range of other neurological illnesses from ADHD to mental retardation, and other serious chronic illnesses, than previous generations. Visit their web site - POISONED FOR PROFIT.

  • When Smoke Ran Like Water by Davis, Devra - Tales of Environmental Deception and the Battle Against Pollution. by Devra Davis, Ph.D. Basic Books (2002). Won a National Book Award bronze metal (the first book on the environment to win this award since Silent Spring). Through examples argues for a fundamental new way to thinking about health and the environment.

  • Napoleon's Buttons: 17 Molecules that Changed History by Penny Le Couter and jay Burreso - This piece traces different, including opium, nicotine, quinine, and numerous others that have played important roles in the development of world history.

Text Books

  • Information Resources in Toxicology, 4th Edition, Draft Contents Editor-in-Chief - Philip Wexler, Associate Editors - Steven G. Gilbert, Bert Hakkinen, Asish Mohapatra. Publisher Academic Press.
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