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Bill Witherup

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William Witherup (1935-2009)

Bill Witherup is an author and poet whose writings include Men at Work (1989) and Down Wind, Down River: New and Selected Poems (2000).

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Bill's obituary

  • interview Mike McCormick and Bill Witherup 2009

Poet, teacher, and laborer. Self described "working class" Seattle poet and author. Born in Kansas City, Missouri in 1935, Witherup grew up in Richland, Washington. His father was employed at the Hanford nuclear facility. Witherup lived in the San Francisco Bay area from his late teens until 1989, when he moved to Seattle. He is the author of several collected volumes of poetry and also served as a contributing editor to the anthology Atomic Ghost: Poets Respond to the Nuclear Age.

  • Talk - Bill Witherup & Randy Morris - Learning to Glow: A Nuclear Reader - May 9, 2000, Third Place Books, Bothell, WA

Bill Witherup was Director of the Gene Debs Labor Ensemble and the Arts Consultant to Toxipedia, Healthy World Theater, and Washington Physicians for Social Responsibility (WPSR).

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Poems by Bill Witherup

Essays by Bill Witherup

Books by Bill Witherup

  • Men at Work 1989
  • Down Wind, Down River: New and Selected Poems 2000

Quotes from Bill Witherup

  • The scientist and the artist are both curious about how the world works. Both are analytical types, the artists usually much more emotional, the scientists on the side of the rational. However, both use intuition, and dreams. The DNA concept of a serpent like chain came to, was it Crick, in a dream. Another interesting thing about DNA is that it mimics the caduceus serpent. (Seattle, December 09, 2007)
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