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Free E-book - A Small Dose of Toxicology 2nd edition by Steven G. Gilbert, PhD, DABT, is an introductory textbook that examines the health effects of common chemical agents such as pesticides.

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Connecting Gardeners and Experts for Green Gardening Solutions

IPMopedia offers free and up-to-date integrated pest management advice direct from green gardening experts. Whether you need to identify and eliminate a troublesome pest, find the perfect plant species for a new project, or brush up on the latest planning and design tips, IPMopedia has the tools and information to help you stay green, healthy, and informed.

IPMopedia launches online, interactive Healthy Gardening, Healthy You guide!

IPMopedia is excited to announce that the Healthy Gardening, Healthy You guide is now available on IPMopedia. With environmental and health ratings of 600 pesticides, fertilizers and soil amendments, this publication offers a comprehensive guide to lawn and garden products. Integrated with information from Toxipedia about the chemicals found in these products as well as IPMopedia created fact sheets on the target pests, this guide is a great asset to any gardeners tool belt.

Check out the Healthy Gardening, Healthy You Guide today!


New design guide on Edible Gardens

From Building and Maintaining Healthy Soil, to Ensuring Pollination, to Crop Rotation and Pest Prevention Stategies, Emily Bishton has once again created a comprehensive guide to provide you with the know-how to design, create, and grow a bountiful organic garden in your own backyard.

Check out the Edible Garden Design Guide today!

New Backyard Farming Section Launched!

In an effort to provide information, advice, and knowledge to the growing number of urban veggie growing enthusiasts we are proud to launch our new Backyard Farming section. Additions to this section will be going up regularly over the summer to provide you with the know-how to grow healthy, organic food in your own backyard, porch, or container. Check back regularly for updates.