Choosing the right plant, whether it's a tree, shrub, or perennial, can be a difficult decision. At IPMopedia we appreciate the complexity of proper plant choice in terms of both the decision making process as well as the potential rewards. The right plant in the right place can create gardens that are not only aesthetically pleasing but are also havens for native wildlife and beneficial insects that can help maintain overall garden health and sustainability.

In this section you will find a variety of information to help you make the right plant choice the next time you're looking to add some color to your garden or completely renovate and redesign.

Plant Choice Resources

  • Washington Native Plant Society
    The Washington Native Plant Society is a Seattle based non-profit organization whose mission is "to promote the appreciation and conservation of Washington's native plants and their habitats through study, education and advocacy. The Society serves as an effective and respected participant in the research about and conservation of Washington's native plants and ecosystems." Among their work is a collaborative project with The Starflower Foundation to create a database of native plants for Western Washington. This is an amazing resource for gardeners and landscape professionals to use when making future plant choices. Visit the database today.
  • King County Native Plant Guide
    The Solid Waste Division in King County has put together a vast assortment of information related to natural lawn and garden care. From plant choice, to soil building, to composting, they may have the answer to many of your pressing gardening questions. One feature in particular, the Native Plant Guide Search allows you to plug in both your garden characteristics, such as sun exposure and soil moisture, as well as the characteristic of the type of plant you're looking for. With a simple click you will have list of native plant choices that match your garden and your desires. Check out the Native Plant Search today.
  • Great Plant Picks
    Great Plant Picks is an educational awards program committed to building a comprehensive palette of outstanding plants for Pacific Northwest gardens. Awards are based on the combined expertise of over forty horticulturists from Washington, Oregon and British Columbia. Great Plant Picks originates at the Elisabeth Carey Miller Botanical Garden in Seattle, Washington, and provides a forum for sharing horticultural information with the wider gardening community.

Factors to Consider When Making Plant Choices

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