Doug Rice

Doug Rice is the Outreach Program Coordinator for Community Outreach and Grants for the King County Water and Land Resources Division. Previous his current post, Doug spent 15 years in advertising, graphics and marketing and now has spent 15 years as a landscape architect working for King County in Washington State. Because of his particular mix of trainings he has been able to develop powerful communication and outreach tools around environmental issues. Originally, he developed a host of interpretive signs for King County which has led to a whole style and approach to these awareness building tools. He later created an advertising campaign using the now famous "Bert the Salmon" mascot. Bert's main messages were related to IPM, water quality, and conservation. Doug then pioneered the use of community based social marketing in King County by creating the award winning Natural Yard Care Neighborhoods program that has a strong focus on IPM and other environmentally protective and public health aspects. More recently Doug has been involved in creating and leading a regional stormwater public outreach campaign in the name of 34+ municipalities which will involve more social marketing, a media campaign and a measurement plan. All these campaigns and programs emphasize behavior change and alternatives, not just knowledge. Additionally, he has been a member of the Pesticide Working Group for about 5 years.

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